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Thinking about becoming a specialised personal trainer?

So, you’ve finally become a personal trainer and are now you’re wondering what is next in your career? Perhaps you’re considering becoming a specialised personal trainer, but wonder ‘why should personal trainers be specialised’? We know that making the next steps in your career can be daunting; you’re always hoping to make the right decisions. It is a common trap to fall into, being eager to become as specialised as possible, to be able to accept every new client, but have you considered the potential of having a primary focus? The kind of focus that comes with being a specialised personal trainer, for example, a personal trainer specialising in Strength and Conditioning (which is something BodyAid Solutions has a course on)! There are many avenues to take with your personal training career, so is it worth becoming a specialised personal trainer? 

Why should you become a specialised personal trainer?

1. You’ll have a niche 

When you have a niche, people will know what to expect from you as a personal trainer; you cut out the noise from all the other personal trainers as you will be able not to not only offer specialised personal training but deliver on it as well. 

Having a niche also makes you more visible to potential clients. Think about it, when you are searching for a service, do you search for a generalised term such as “personal trainer”, or do you search for a phrase that is more in line with your needs, such as “indoor cycling instructor”? You can find indoor cycling instructor courses here! It makes sense to look for the term for what you actually want, meaning if people are searching for the niche you offer as a specialised personal trainer, you are far more likely to be found by potential clients! 

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2. You will always be able to say ‘Yes!’

We don’t recommend that you try and gain every qualification possible as swiftly as possible, but rather focus on one speciality first, like a kettlebell instructor, then gain experience by using the knowledge you’ve achieved with clients and once you are well established, consider adding another skillset to your portfolio like a qualification into exercise referral. Both these specialised focuses, kettle instructor and exercise referral, are courses that Body Aid Solutions offers!

While this benefit of being a specialised personal trainer takes time, we are all about delayed gratification here, and once you’ve gained more skillsets and experience, you will be able to be a yes-man personal trainer, allowing you to offer your services to more and more clients! 

3. You will build your reputation 

There is a lot of competition within the personal training sector. Each personal trainer offers a service or a deal to draw in the next client and keep their returning ones; however, it does not change the fact that they are simply a personal trainer offering the same offer as the same personal trainer in the next gym two streets down.

The more specialised you become, the more you separate yourself from other personal trainers and, ultimately, from the competition! Potential clients are more inclined to enquire about your services as you will appear to be a more reliable source of knowledge due to your specialised skillset.

4. Improve your service

If you specialise, you give yourself the time to develop your newfound skills and enable you to try and work out new approaches. If you are already qualified, you will need to keep up with several changes in differing disciplines.

The heart of a business/service is to help or solve a client’s needs specifically; becoming a specialised personal trainer means you’ll have the skillset to provide that help. The more time you put into creating your niche will only elevate the service you can provide, rather than reacting to fitness fades and the ever-changing needs of fluctuating clients. Being specialised will help you and enable you to create a solid foundation.

5. Pricing of an expert

Being a specialist in your field, you can command a little more than the average PT session and be able to hold your prices. Being a specialised personal trainer means you’ll have more credibility and therefore be able to justify your costs due to your knowledge and expertise, mainly because you can offer unique solutions to your clients for their specific needs.

While we know you haven’t chosen this career solely on material gain, it is always important to consider the mobility of your career — much like you don’t want your client to plateau, you also do not want your career to plateau!

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Do you want to be a specialised personal trainer?

So, if you’ve reached the bottom of this page, we think it is safe to say you’re considering becoming a specialised personal trainer. If so, you will need some personal trainer training! Fancy looking at our services and seeing if we can strengthen your career like you can strengthen your clients?

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Spread the cost of your new career pathway up to 36 months. Terms & Conditions apply. No credit check required.