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Let’s delve into what’s in store for the fitness world in 2022 with our 9 top health, wellbeing, and fitness trends.

 The last few years have been tough for the fitness industry; with the recent pandemic causing gyms to close their doors in 2020 and 2021, the fitness industry has had an entire overhaul – from gyms offering classes online to Personal Trainers running classes outdoors. Now in 2022, with gyms and classes running as usual, we expect the future to be a little lighter and less talk of the dreaded C word — ‘covid’. So, with that in mind, let’s go through the top fitness trends that will take the industry by storm this year.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 



Before we explore our top fitness trends, let us provide some clarity: we are not saying sports and exercise should replace seeking ACTUAL medical assistance or speaking to a professional regarding your mental health. 

But, in 2022, we will see a rise in exercise being prescribed to assist with issues referred to as “social needs” these include low mood, depression and diabetes. Ultimately, this reinforces the idea that exercise can significantly improve your physical and mental health while aiding your overall wellbeing. 

Therefore, classes should promote “judgement-free” environments and encourage mood-boosting workouts. 


We know, shocker! Nutrition may be a regular on the “top fitness trends” list, but think about how many adverts you see for healthy eating, Nutrition and all-around healthy lifestyles. You’ve seen a lot of them, right? Well, this isn’t going to slow down! 

Holland & Barrett have identified Nutrient Bio-Hacking as one of the key trends to look out for (Source). This means a rise in nutrient testing and diagnostics to monitor what you put into your body and what you expose your body to. As H&B explain, “the qualified self has become mainstream, with devices to track everything from sleep quality and heart”. 

As Head of Brand at H&B, Geraldine Waterton explains, one of the most accessible forms of bio-hacking is Nutrigenomics, which looks at the effects food has on the expression of specific genes and genetic pathways and, in turn, how our genes affect our Nutrition.


TikTok can be responsible for many things, such as dance crazes, bizarre soundbites and odd challenges. Still, among all this, in 2021, the hashtag #weightedhulahoop reached 200 million views on the social media app. To support this, a recent PureGym survey found that the term “Weighted Hula Hoop” has increased in searches by +174.07% in the UK (Source). 

Even though Hula Hoops have been around for decades, the weighted variety is now said to help burn more calories, strengthen your core muscle, burn body fat and reduce inches off your midsection! 

As it is a low-intensity cardio workout, the Weighted Hula Hoop exercise means there is no unnecessary strain on the body, making it accessible to all ages


It won’t surprise you when we say that the fitness industry hasn’t always promoted inclusivity which can be disheartening for those looking to start or continue their fitness journey. Many failed marketing campaigns have perpetuated unrealistic beauty standards, resulting in numerous people not wanting to enter a gym at all. 

A survey conducted by Activity Alliance (Source) found that twice as many disabled people felt that COVID significantly reduced their ability to do sports or activities (27%) compared to non-disabled people (13%). 

At a time when we’re experiencing historical movements for racial equality, female leadership, equity and representation worldwide, it’s never been a more vital time for the fitness community to step up and play its part.

Inclusive Fitness is more significant than a simple fad; the fitness industry must be dedicated to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) rather than treating it as a trend. 


Once, we might have gone for a 10km jog without stretching or sat down at our desks immediately after finishing a HIIT workout; recovery is now an emphasis in many fitness lovers’ minds. After all, active recovery and rest days are just as important as strength and cardio workouts.

Stretching and recovery have become more prevalent in the UK for several years. Rest encourages the muscles to recover, helps overcome adaptation and prevents overtraining.

So, even if you don’t feel you need to rest, aim for at least one recovery day every 7 – 10 days.


We know what you’re thinking, “this isn’t a new concept”, and you’re right! From premiership footballers to your local pub landlord, the popularity of Yoga is still on a sharp upward climb. Yoga allows individuals to feel better physically and mentally, a perfect helping hand in our stress-riddled lives.

Interestingly, PureGym’s recent study showed us that it’s not just traditional methods of Yoga that are increasing in popularity. PureGym discovered that Aerial Yoga searches increased by +50.00%. Aerial Yoga allows people to perform the same poses are Yoga but in a suspended hammock. The purpose of the hammock is to help improve flexibility and build strength while allowing you to do more challenging poses without pressure on your head, spine or shoulders.

But, it’s not just Aerial; Dog Yoga (Doga) saw an increase in searches by +23.07%. Dog Yoga is what it says on the tin, a form of Yoga that allows humans and pets to perform Yoga together at home, which may help promote your and your dog’s physical and mental wellness.


As a result of the pandemic, consumers had more time to focus on their health. Even though many aspects of everyday life are beginning to find a sense of normality again, working from home is still a concept many workplaces have adopted. This has seen the rise of “exertainment”.

Even though these are not new ideas, gaming exercise is becoming widely popular due to the increased time spent at home. With games such as Zumba Fitness World Party, Ring Fit Adventure and Nintendo Switch Sports, consumers are buying into easy, fun fitness techniques.
It would be beneficial if fitness brands chose to stop viewing fitness as a serious subject but rather as an entertainment activity with immersive workouts.

In regards to technology, as we mentioned earlier, “the qualified self has become mainstream, with devices to track everything from sleep quality and heart”. Well, this is only going to advance with apps such as Level and Veri — that monitor glucose, Lumen — which detects from the CO2 in your breath to see if you are metabolising carbs or fat and Vessel — which tests your pee to reveal your PH levels; we are becoming more fascinated with observing our health. More businesses are set to launch similar apps; prepare yourself to be tech-obsessed-health-fanatic in 2022.


In recent years, the world has grown to love Pete Wicks and his motivational workouts to get people moving. Social media is only accelerating confident “PT Stars” to the front of the stage. So expect to know more people like Pete Wicks to make appearances on your social media feed. 

“Rock-star instructors” was one of the key takeaways from Les Mills’ 2021 Global Report. So much so that it was the deciding factor for people when choosing a gym over the type of class and music. Vanity Fair (Source) have even labelled Peloton’s instructors as “a new class of celebrities, beamed into the homes we can’t leave”. 

The demand for qualified and experienced trainers is higher than ever. With a wide variety of classes and forms of training for individuals, expertise is in demand


Another result from PureGym’s research found that Aqua Spinning had increased searches by +54.54%. But, what is Aqua Spinning? 

Aqua Spinning – also known as underwater spinning – is a water-based exercise using a submerged hydro-bike. Essentially a spin bike but underwater! Its popularity has grown because people can enjoy high-intensity exercise without putting too much stress on their joints. 

Aqua Spin bike workouts efficiently burn calories, assisting with weight loss and strengthening your lungs. 

With increasing searches, this is undoubtedly a workout that will only pique more people’s interest to exercise. 


Although we have outlined 9 of the top trending fitness crazes for this year, there are also some exercises which haven’t been so lucky. 

The following exercises have experienced a DECLINE in the number of searches: 

  1. Online Workouts (-64.19%)
  2. Virtual Fitness Classes (-62.10%)
  3. Virtual Fitness Challenges (-55.68%)
  4. Everesting (-55.37%)
  5. Bollywood Workout (-45.45%) (Source)

With our routines slowly returning to normal, it is understandable that interest in online workouts, virtual fitness sessions and challenges are on their way out.

If you’re a Personal Trainer or Gym Instructor keen to switch up your training services or workout classes, try implementing one of the above exercises into your workouts. Keeping the training current will offer your clients more value and build your reputation. 


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