The Benefits of Pilates

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So you’ve heard it from your friends and work colleagues “Pilates is amazing!” But why? Simply put performing Pilates on a regular basis can have a dramatic effect on your body and mind; developing whole body strength.

In this article we take a quick look at the many physical and mental benefits:


  1. Helps improve flexibility – A very effective way of improving flexibility and increasing circulation. Pilates outlines body movements whilst stretching. Warming the muscles and safely stretching them out makes them more pliable and loose. Think of a piece of chewing gum: If cold and frozen, you can snap it, whereas it becomes more pliable when warm.
  2. Helps improve posture – Pilates addresses muscle imbalances.  It allows your body and all of its parts to work together, helping to support it in the most harmonious and efficient way. Keeping your body in alignment puts less stress on specific areas such as the lower back, neck and joints.  It increases body strength and makes us stronger.
  3. Reducing stress! – As we all know, pain causes stress. Pilates can help reduce differing problems such as neck and back ache. As with all exercise endorphins are released, helping to improve mood and relax the individual.  Breathing techniques also have a calming effect.
  4. Giving you better balance: Mind and body! Pilates helps to strengthen your core, improving stability and strength, which helps develop balance and co-ordination.  As mentioned, Pilates can also improve mood and induce a calming effect, providing focus and a better sense of self.
  5. Improving Muscular Strength: Pilates improves muscular tone and strength. Testing your body and its stability and thus muscular strength.

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