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Making Exercise a Priority When Working from Home

Working from home isn’t new but is growing in popularity. Finding the motivation to keep active when you are persistently at home can be challenging. Sitting in front of a computer all day can affect your physical health, leading to aches, pains, and even more severe issues like obesity and heart disease. But these issues are not specific, especially if you take the time to integrate exercise into your daily routine. You will improve your physical and mental well-being and enjoy all the other benefits of working from home; win-win. It is one thing to tell you that you should keep active. Still, it is another thing to provide you with the tools to implement daily movement! So, here are some tips on implementing activities as a part of your day when you work from home.

Make a Plan

Let’s start this with the easiest one, create a plan. The first step in implementing exercise into your work-from-home routine is to make a plan; motivation is easier found when you know what you need to do. Decide how much time you can dedicate to exercise each day and what type of exercises you want to do. You can choose yoga, Pilates, or a simple bodyweight workout. Once you have a plan, write it down and stick to it, your plan is your promise to your health.

Start Small

Don’t overwhelm yourself, or you’ll never start. Start small if you’re new to exercise or it has been a while since you last worked out. You don’t need to do a full-hour workout right away. Instead, start with 10-15 minutes of daily exercise and gradually increase the duration and intensity. Starting small helps you build a consistent habit and avoid burnout.

Make it Fun

Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore. Find activities you enjoy, and make them a part of your exercise routine. If you love dancing, try a dance workout, or make it simpler, play your favourite playlist and dance for 10 to 20 minutes. If you enjoy the outdoors, go for an outdoor run, you don’t have to be on a treadmill for a productive run or a bike ride instead of spinning. Finding activities you enjoy makes you more likely to stick to your routine.

Create a “Deskercise” Routine

Deskercise is a term used to describe exercises that you can do at your desk. You can do simple exercises like shoulder shrugs, neck rolls, and leg raises while on a conference call or waiting for a file to download. These small movements can help increase your blood flow and reduce muscle tension. Deskercise is a valuable tool because, yes, you can do an hour-long workout, but if you’re spending the rest of the day just sitting, you will not notice the benefits of the hour-long workout. Deckercise encourages movement throughout the day. Here is an excellent article offering over 30 movements you can do immediately.

Schedule Your Workout

Have you got a calendar for work? Create one for your movement routine! Just like you schedule your work meetings and appointments, schedule your workout. Planning your activities helps you stay committed to your exercise routine. It prevents you from skipping your workout because of other work commitments. Make it a priority, make yourself a priority, and you’ll find it easier to stick to your plan.

Use Your Breaks Wisely

One of the benefits of working from home is that you have more flexibility in how you spend your breaks. Instead of scrolling through social media or watching TV, use your breaks to exercise. You can do a quick yoga session or go for a brisk walk outside. Making the most of your breaks helps you stay active throughout the day and breaks up the monotony of sitting in front of a screen.

Use an Exercise Ball as a Chair

Sitting on an exercise ball can help improve your posture and core strength. You can use an exercise ball as a chair. At the same time, you work and take small breaks throughout the day to do some stretches or simple exercises like bouncing on the ball or doing pelvic tilts. An exercise ball can help improve your circulation and reduce stiffness in your back and hips.

Make it a Social Activity

Spending all day at home can become increasingly isolated, so why not make exercise a social activity? You can schedule virtual workouts with friends or colleagues and use video conferencing platforms to exercise together. Involving your friends in your daily routine will keep you motivated and accountable and make exercise more joyful.

Use a Standing Desk

Standing desks are becoming increasingly popular, and for a good reason. They can help improve your posture, reduce back pain, and increase your energy levels. You can alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day to keep your body moving and avoid stiffness.

Integrating exercise into your work from home routine is important for your physical and mental health. By making a plan, scheduling your workouts, starting small, using your breaks wisely, and making it fun, you can build a consistent exercise habit that helps you stay healthy and productive and make working from home more enjoyable.

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