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When starting a career as a PT, it can be easy to forget the importance of effectively advertising your services. This is a process that requires a lot of thought, and the best results come from carefully thought out advertising. It can be tempting to create an ad on Facebook and send it out to the masses, but taking the time to refine your ad and target it to only the relevant people will do you many favours!

When creating an advertisement, you have to be specific, visually engaging, and effectively communicate your message. This isn’t an easy task. Companies can spend millions every year looking for the perfect advertisement, but they don’t always get it right! Creating the right advert involves some risk-taking and trial and error, but it will always be worth it in the end.

A good, clear image is the best place to start when creating an advert. This is an excellent opportunity to quickly and easily convey your message and grab a potential client’s attention. Make sure it’s good quality and at a high resolution, as this gives a professional impression from the outset. The image can have some text, but try and keep it short and to the point; nobody wants to be bombarded with an essay! Your content may be interesting, but if your image doesn’t grab attention, the written content will never be read. Asking a question is a good tactic when putting text alongside an image; it starts the potential client/customer thinking!

Your message needs to be concise and coherent. Within the first few sentences, ensure you have clearly outlined what you want to say. If it doesn’t, you risk potential clients getting bored and skipping over your ad entirely, so it’s vital to strike the correct balance.

Another important thing to consider is what you wish to achieve with your advertisements. Lead generation, brand awareness, and website visits are all ad purposes that need to be crafted differently, so you must consider this carefully. A structured approach needs to be taken to ensure that any ads you create are as effective as they can be.

By defining your goals, you can prevent setting yourself up for disaster. As time goes on, you will need to evolve and change your strategies, but diving into the deep with no clear structure will hurt you more than it will help. It will also waste time and, ultimately, money.

Becoming a personal trainer is just one step toward a successful career within the fitness industry. Planning a business strategy should be one of your first priorities when embarking on this career journey, as qualifications mean a lot less when you haven’t planned the best way to implement your new skills and drive business. It’s definitely a big learning curve, but through hard work, determination and a bit of trial and error, you can create a great advertising strategy that works for you and your business.