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Becoming a personal trainer

Choosing the Right Advert

By April 9, 2021October 4th, 2021No Comments

Choosing the right Facebook advertisement is vital. It’s hard not to get over excited and advertise to everyone. When we say everyone, yes everyone.

Advertisements have to be specific, visual and put across the message you are trying to communicate. It’s not easy. Millions are spent every year by companies looking for that perfect advertisement and truthfully, they don’t always get it right!

Make sure your advert has a good clear image. Suggesting what it is your trying to say. Make sure it’s of good quality and of a high resolution. The image can have some text, but there are rules within the platform that limit the amount, keep it short and to the point. Maybe asking a question is a good start. It starts the potential client/customer thinking!

Your message needs to be concise. Within the first few sentences ensure your have outlined what you want to say. If it doesn’t then people get bored or have little patience to read through reams of text to get to the point.

Now what do you want to achieve? Lead generation, brand awareness, clicks to website, app downloads or visits to website. This needs to be carefully considered. You want and need all of these things, but a careful plan needs to be put together. A structured approach.

By defining your goal’s you avoid setting yourself up for disaster. As time goes on, you will need to evolve and change strategies of course, but diving into the deep with no clear structure is going to hurt you more than not. It will also waste, time and ultimately money.

Becoming a personal trainer is just one step of a successful career within the fitness industry. Planning a business and strategy should be one of the first in line.

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