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How to Become A Personal Trainer with Body Aid – Chamber Health and Wellbeing

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Why Did I Become a Personal Trainer?

After 10 years in the military, I left the army with a debilitating back injury that affected every aspect of my life including my training. After years of dealing with the restrictions of my injury, and managing to train around it, I rehabilitated myself back to a good level of fitness and quality of life. I decided I wanted to share everything I had learned. My dream was to help people that were in my situation, experiencing similar issues as me, and the same lack of hope that I had in the early stages.

split image depicting man in wheelchair on the left and same man on the right in soldiers uniform in the army

How Do I Become a Personal Trainer with Body Aid?

I got myself qualifications in many different types of sports coaching, from Badminton and Basketball through to Olympic Weightlifting and many in between. It was during this phase of my journey that I discovered that Personal Training would be the best route for me to make a living whilst helping others. I enrolled on Body Aid’s personal trainer course in Peterborough. Then it all begun to move into place. The Personal Trainer course enabled me to gain the skills to build a rewarding career that I love.

Once I had all of the relevant qualifications I applied for a role as a Personal Trainer at a large, corporate gym near me. Once I got the job, I started working hard to build a client base. Thanks to the skills I gained from the Personal Trainer Course, I very quickly became a successful Personal Trainer at the club, and went through a lengthy process to achieve a promotion to Master Personal Trainer. I succeeded in the process, and was one of 16 Master PTs across the corporate chain in the country.

Split image, left side showing men weightlifting in gym in black and white, right side showing woman weightlifting

How Do I Grow My Personal Training Career?

Whilst working at this gym I met my now business partner, Shaun. We had a very similar work ethic; Shaun is also ex-army and we got on well so we decided that we should have a go at breaking out on our own.

Chamber health employees black and white

At first, Shaun and I were asked to coach some youngsters who the Probation Service were working with to rehabilitate. We really enjoyed working with them and achieved great results. We soon realised we would need to charge for the work we were doing, so we set up our limited company. With advice from friends, family, and clients, we started to create and grow a business.

We quickly realised that it wasn’t just people in the public sector that needed health and wellbeing support so we started to target our services to local companies. We landed a large contract with a local manufacturing and distribution branch of Specsavers. This was financially huge for us and gave us the opportunity to start to dream and think about bigger things. We had always spoken about opening our own gym, so we started to get the ball rolling.

We found a small barn and entered into a lease. We converted the barn into a small Personal Training and group training studio, which we very quickly filled with members and clients.

After 18 months we had hit our membership capacity and were starting to get itchy feet.

What Can the Personal Training Course Help Me Achieve?

In December of 2020, we finalized a lease for a much larger gym, with a coffee shop. It’s a great space with a training suite to provide on-site Mental Health First Aid courses. We moved in December, made a lot of changes very quickly, and opened in January, just before the most recent lockdown was announced which meant we had to close almost immediately.

Chamber health and wellbeing building exterior in black and white

How Do I Train Through the Covid-19 Lockdown?

After the news that the UK would enter another lockdown, we took our business online once in order to continue to support our clients. We started training people over ZOOM and serving takeaway coffees at our facility.

Thankfully, we have been allowed to open our gym doors to the public again, and the response has been overwhelming and we are extremely excited for the future!

Chamber health and wellbeing employee, chamber health building exterior and chamber health coffee stand

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