Kettlebell Training – So What Is It About?

Kettlebell Training
Shane Welland
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What is a Kettlebell? It’s a cast iron object that looks alittle like a cannon ball with a handle. You get lots of different versions nowadays, that make them look all different colours and ‘gym friendly’, but in essence that’s what it is.

Considering up until the last ten years kettlebells were relatively unheard of in this country and its very unlikely that a kettlebell would be found amongst all the bars ands weights in the free weight equipment at the local gym. But now, well I challenge you to find a gym without them!

With Kettlebells being used as an alternative to dumbbells. As they don’t seem to carry the weights man ‘stigma’ of the gym classic, they appeal to the average gym user, and there lies their effectiveness. They even have there own classes, which have proven extremely popular.

What are the benefits of Kettlebell Training?

One key and very important benefit, like a lot of functional training is the Kettlebell has a vast array of weights and can there for cater for nearly every type of fitness level.

Its also an alternative to dumbbells, for those he don’t like or lets be honest don’t like the stigma of these ‘heavy weights’. So they open up a whole new type of fitness enthusiast.

Other benefits such as they can both use your CV system and your muscular system. Building strength, and endurance, both aerobically and muscularly.

Due to the multiple number of exercises, they are very fun and can offer new differing workouts. This lessens the chance of boredom and therefore promotes exercise adherence! Win – Win!!

Due to exercises, Kettlebells are very functional. Improving mobility and range of motion. Using a whole body approach. Using many of the bodies large muscle groups and improving core stability.

They can also be used to target specific muscle groups!

Due to the sheer number of exercises you can perform they are also good in a circuit format and classes. Promoting social inclusion and lets face it improving our level of enjoyment, as no one really likes to work alone!!

Also for the more time conscience of us. A single Kettlebell can be used for a workout. Therefore, they have great benefits for home use.

So why not give it ago? See how we can help you at Body Aid Solutions Ltd become a Kettlebells Instructor!

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