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What do I learn as a Gym Instructor?

So you have enrolled on a Gym Instructors course, but what to expect? Well as the name suggests you will be learning how to design and instruct gym sessions. But what next?

Well one thing you will definitely be doing for sure is anatomy and physiology. The basics about the skeleton, respiratory system and cardiovascular system. Every course worth its salt will have an exam based around A&P. Its essential to know how the body works and thus be able to design programmes that can improve a clients physical and mental state.

So we thought we would start with one subject close to everyones hearts! (Excuse the pun!) So we begin at the heart. Situated just left of the centre of our chests. This wonderful muscle has several purposes. Supply the body with blood, nutrients and oxygen.

So how does it do this?
The heart is divided into four simple chambers. Two on the right and two on the left. Each has an atrium and a ventricle. The two sides are separated by a muscle divide called a septum.
Bloodlow of heartOn the right side de-oxygenated blood arrives from both the superior vena cava and the inferior. De-Oxygenated because the blood has been used by the body and thus used all the oxygen in the blood. So as this blood arrives it comes from the vena cava into the right atrium, then this blood flows into the right ventricle. Valves close so the blood cannot flow back into the atrium.
The blood then flows into the pulmonary artery. Once the blood goes into the pulmonary artery it then goes to the lungs. As we know the lungs intake oxygen. So as the blood travels towards the lungs, oxygen is diffused into the blood stream. Thus making our blood oxygenated.

The blood then makes its way onto the Pulmonary Vein. Now veins usually carry de- oxygenated blood, but in this and the only case it has oxygen filled blood. Now the oxygenated blood then flows into the left atrium and from there passes into the left ventricle, with some valves closing behind it so it doesn’t flow back!

Then from their the blood is pumped into the Aorta and around our bodies, where the demand for oxygenated blood is high!

That in a nutshell that is the heart!

So do you think you could become a Gym Instructor? If you think this is something that you would like to pursue then why not check out some of our fitness instructor courses.

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