The Ober’s Test

The Ober’s Test
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In the Level 4 Sports Massage course you not only look at more advanced massage techniques but you will also discover how to conduct selected special tests that allow you to provide a more complete client analysis.

The purpose of the Ober’s test is to evaluate a tight, contracted or inflamed tensor fasciae latae (TFL) and iliotibial band (ITB).

There are two ways to perform the test. The first is demonstrated by one of tutors and also described.

  1. The client will lie on the resting side of the body, with their  hip and knee flexed in a 90-degree angle. The therapist will then  place the clients  knee in a 5° flexion angle, and fully abducts the lower extremity that needs to be tested, then allows the force of gravity to adduct the extremity until the hip cannot adduct any further.A positive test would be indicated if the clients knee/hip flexor did not lower and stayed up.

As demonstrated in this video:


Empty Can Test



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