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Dan Gilbert
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How do you set yourself apart in a competitive Industry?

Do you ever ask yourself that question?

It’s a lot simpler than you think! Whether you are entering the industry newly qualified, or you are an experienced trainer with thousands of hours experience on the gym floor, how are you different from the other trainers at your facility?

In an industry that has become awash with the latest workout crazes and fad diets, a mock with false promises, the art of basic customer service is sometimes easy to lose. Have a think back to your last 15 sessions with paying clients and answer each one of the following statements honestly.

Was I on time? Was I presentable? Did I greet them appropriately?

Was I prepared for the session and did it have a clear structure and goal?

Did I engage with them about their lives and make them feel like nothing else in the room mattered?

Did I look at my phone? Would you have been happy to pay for that session?

These simple things seem to have become lost in an industry that is all about the customer experience. Do you have a big turnover of clients that come for one, or use their prepaid block and never come back? How did you answer the questions above?

The most basic skills in this industry will take you a long way. Trainers should learn these skills before they then look to the next qualification or type of CPD, to increase the service they offer their current and prospective clients.

Be on time. Ask how their day has been. Engage with them regarding what’s going on in their lives. Leave your phone in your bag. End the session with constructive positive feedback on their performance and say goodbye, send them away from you in a positive happy mind frame ready to enjoy the rest of their day.

Client CareOnce you have mastered those easy to develop habits then, and only then, look at enhancing your skills as a trainer. If you answered yes to only some of those questions, try that little bit harder next time.

As part of our personal trainer qualification our tutors take the time to discuss these business must’s, why not take a look yourself?

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