Reach for the Stars!

Whats Ariel fitness all about?
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Reach for stars!

Ariel fitness classes are trending, they seem to be everywhere! Popping up in villages, towns and generally any location where there is room to get Ariel!  From yoga to Ariel hoops, we are reaching up high for training soltuions! It is a fun and very effective way to carry out your training!  Below we describe these training methods in a little more detail. So what are they?

 Ariel Yoga – What is it?

Basically suspended yoga (your up there). Using sets of supported fabric in sling and supported/suspended on the ceilings. They act as a cradle for the student/class member. Then this cradle is used to support you whilst you practice and carry out yoga (esk) moves. Building core strength and flexibility. An example is in the video below.

Individuals seem to be drawn to this form of physical conditioning. Lets face it seems pretty fun. Like we are all members of the circus and some (me for example) image even higher accolades such as being part of Cirque du Soleil!

 Ariel Hoops: What is it?

As the title suggests they are hoops that are hung from the ceilling. They are made of steel and support our bodyweight whilst we are doing some tricks in the sky!

Ariel Hoop is another form of Ariel fitness that is sweeping the nation.

Ariel Hoop is another form of Ariel fitness that is sweeping the nation.


Its excellent for balance and core strength. It will increase your flexibility. As you haven’t got the ‘floor’ to help. All the moves are done with your body strength. This is a superb functional work out.

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