Unit 2: Know the principles of training (LO1.).

Which is not a component of health related fitness?

True or False: A benefit of exercise is the reduction of risk of some cancers?

Co-ordination is a component of skill related fitness?

A marathon runner would require work on what area of fitness?

Age can affect health and skill related components of fitness?

Complete the sentence: _____________ relates to an individual’s goals and which component of fitness will help them to achieve them.

The F.I.T.T principle stands for which of the following?

Reaction Time is a skill related component of fitness?

What factor that affects health and fitness does this statement belown too. "The effects of exercise are different during various stages of a lifetime."

What does DOMS stand for?

TRUE OR FALSE: Exercise can reduce and help manage weight?

Which principle of training does this relate to. " The body will adapt to the training stimulus and style of training used and progressive overload applied i.e. Low reps, high weight, high intensity will lead to gains in strength."

Which body type, naturally have a light build minimal bodyfat or muscle mass. Best suited for endurance events?

The ability of the muscles to exert maximal force against a weighted object. Is what health related component of fitness?

A benefit of exercise is the improvement of mental health?