Unit 1 – Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology and Functional Anatomy PAPER 1

Which muscle is located at the back of the thigh?

Which bone is found in the axial skeleton?

What is the insertion of rhomboid minor?

Which division of the nervous system is responsible for the analysis of information?

Which of the following forms part of the appendicular Skeleton?

Which muscle crosses the posterior knee joint?

Which of the following movements is available at the hip joint?

Which muscle of the rotator cuff is responsible for 50% of its muscular strength?

What movements is bicep femoris responsible for?

Which muscle can be described as the main muscle which causes a desired action?

At which joint can horizontal flexion occur?

What is the name of the bony prominence into which the quadriceps insert?

What action occurs when the latissimus dorsi contracts concentrically?

When forced breathing is increasing the intake of air, which muscle assists by drawing the sternum upwards?

How many vertebrae are there within the Lumbar region of the spine?

Which adductor muscle is a synergist in hip extension?

Which of the following describes the attachments for serratus anterior?