L2 Gym Instructor – Supporting Clients Lifestyle Management and Enhancing Client Motivation for Exercise and Physical Activity – Unit 3 (Exam)

1. Which explanation outlines the importance of forming an effective working relationship with clients?

2. Why should instructors present themselves in a professional manner?

3. List different communication skills can be used to assist clients with motivation.

4. Explain the importance of valuing equality and diversity when working with clients.

5. Which shows types of barriers we are likely to see in a fitness industry?

6. Explain how incorporating clients physical activity preferences into their exercise / physical activity can strengthen motivation and adherence.

7. Select why a participant should take responsibility for their own fitness.

8. Which of the following is a behaviour change strategy to encourage adherence to exercise / physical activity?

9. Which of the following are the main reasons for non-adherence to exercise programmes?

10. Explain why it is important to deal with client’s needs to their satisfaction.

11. When dealing with customer complaints the instructor should do which of the following:

12. Which of the following are positives of gaining feedback?

13. Which of the following are products you will find in a health and fitness facility?

14. Which of the following are ways to engage with customers and build a rapport in order to maximise their experience?

15. Which of the following shows how to support safe and enjoyable use of the fitness facility environment?

16. Describe how to use IT and social media platforms to improve business and support customer retention.

17. Which of the following shows the importance of being accessible and approachable to clients?

18. Which of the following are traits of an instructor presenting a professional image?

19. Which of the following are traits of a professional code of conduct that fitness professionals are held to?

20. Select which of the following are governing bodies within the industry.

21. Identify the role of CPD and its role within the industry.