L2 Gym Instructor – Principles of Professional Practice and Health and Safety in a Fitness Environment – Unit 4 (Exam)

1. Identify the types of emergencies that may occur in a fitness environment.

2. Select two emergency services which may play a role at a emergency at a health and fitness facility

3. Which of the following will help prepare for emergency procedures so that staff stay calm and deal with the situation correctly?

4. Describe how to maintain the safety of, including children when they are involved in an emergency?

5. Which of the following are legal and regulatory requirements for health and safety relevant to working in a fitness environment?

6. Which of the following is a Fitness Instructor required to have when working at a facility which may have children or vulnerable adults in attendance?

7. Which of the following roles of individuals are responsible for health and safety in a fitness organisation?

8. Describe the types of security procedures that may apply in a fitness environment.

9. Which regulation is in place to reduce incidents with hazardous substances and to report injuries at a workplace?

10. Which of the following are possible hazards in a fitness environment?

11. Select which process represents how to risk assess the types of possible hazards in a fitness environment.

12. Identify the appropriate person / position to contact within a fitness organisation when hazards and risks cannot be controlled personally.

13. Which of the following are the correct procedures relating to safeguarding children and vulnerable adults, including reporting procedures?

14. Which of the following should an instructor follow to protect themselves from accusations from abuse?

15. Which of the following procedures will help maintain the confidentiality of information relating to possible abuse?