Body Aid at the Wild West Games 2014

Crossfit Wild West 2014
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Body Aid at the Wild West Games 2014 – what an amazing weekend! I have truly never experienced anything like it and organisers Dan Crisp and Rob Burgess should be so proud of how well their brainchild ran. As the name would suggest the weekend was certainly wild! The Crossfit Peterborough/ HPT competitors met at the Peterborough box (gym) on Friday afternoon after a sleepless night due to thunder storms and nerves. We set off in our convoy and finally arrived in Malvern on Friday evening. We had a little wait before we could go in and register so had plenty of time to start sizing up our competition! The location at the foot of the Malvern Hills was an amazing backdrop for such an epic event, all we were thinking is “please don’t make us run up that”! Friday night saw more thunderstorms – luckily the HPT teams were in a nice warm hotel, whilst the same could not be said for the unlucky athletes, judges and spectators who chose to camp at the venue! The lack of sleep however did not prove to be an issue, with all 400 crossfitters thriving on the minimal sleep- a big dose of pre-workout and a large quantity of sugary granola sorted that one out!

As a member of HPT and team Virgin Daiquiri (I didn’t get to choose the name) I had the most immense weekend ever! All teams representing Peterborough dug deep despite nerves and injury, but above all we had fun, we shared an amazing experience, some awesome food and kept each other motivated and pushing until the end.

The spectators and other athletes made this competition what it was. The Crossfit community as a whole is one of the most supportive I have ever seen – people in direct competition with you cheering you on and coaching you when you are struggling. All I can say is if you have never experienced a Crossfit competition, get yourself down to one and play a part as an amazing spectator.

Day one: Event one; Hang ‘em High With a 10 min total time cap, athletes in the order shown complete one round each of: • START: Athlete 1, end of lane • Sprint to rig • 20 Toes to Bar • 10 Alternating DB G2OH (M 70lb/ F 50lb) • Sprint to tag next athlete • END: when fourth athletes crosses finish line ATHLETE ORDER: Male 1, Male 2, Female 1, Female 2 SCORE: the time of the fourth athlete to return to the start is recorded. If the fourth athlete has not finished within the 10 minute cap, the number of reps completed by all four athletes to that point is recorded.

Event two: Once Upon a Texas Train 10 Stations, ranging from 40kg to 130kg in 10kg increments will be set up. At each station teams will have 50 seconds for male athletes to perform one clean and female athletes to perform one deadlift at the station weight. All bars will be 20kg bars pre-loaded with the appropriate plates. Scores will be the total weight moved before the team is eliminated. The maximum achievable weight is 3,400kg (850kg each)

Body Aids Daniel Gilbert

Body Aids Daniel Gilbert, How low can you go!??

Body Aids Andi Seago hanging in there!

Body Aids Andi Seago hanging in there!

Event three: The Magnificent 70 The team divides into two male-female pairs. With a 20min total time cap, each pair in turn completes one round of: • START: Male 1/Female 1, end of lane • Sprint to rig • 70 Pull Ups • 70 Down-Ups • 70 Box Jumps (M 24”/F 20”) – one box is supplied, athletes must turn this themselves. • 70 Kettlebell Swings (M 32kg/F 24kg) • Tag next pair • END: When the second pair crosses finish line ATHLETE ORDER Male 1 & Female 1, Male 2 & Female 2.

Event Four: Bad Mans River Teams divide into a male pair and a female pair. Two stations will be set up, one with a rower, one with two barbells of the prescribed weights (one male, and one female). 0 – 3 MINUTES Male athletes at station 1 will row as many calories as possible. Female athletes at station 2 will perform as many front squats as possible at 40kg. Athletes at a station can swap as many times as required. The barbell must be returned to the ground before swapping at station 2. 3 MINUTES The two pairs switch stations. 3 – 6 MINUTES Female athletes at station 1 will row as many calories as possible Male athletes at station 2 will perform as many front squats as possible at 60kg.

Event Five: Drag across the Plains With a 12min total time cap, athletes in the order shown complete one round each of: • START: Athlete 1, end of lane • Sled Drag (F 20kg, M 40kg) to far end of team lane, past the lane marker hay bales • Run one lap of the perimeter (turning left/anticlockwise) • Sled Drag back to the start • Tag next Athlete • END: When fourth athlete crosses finish line ATHLETE ORDER Female 1, Female 2, Male 3, Male 4.

Event Six: The Final Showdown With an 18-min total time cap, as a group of four, athletes complete the following: Stage 1: Each athlete completes a 500m row accumulating 2,000m total. The rower will not be reset between athletes – when the rower passes 500m then athlete 1 can get off and athlete 2 get on. When the display passes 1,000m athlete 2 can get off, and at 1,500m rower 3 can get off. When 2,000m have been rowed, the athletes move to stage 2. Stage 2: 100 shoulder-to-overhead (M 50kg/F 35kg) Stage 3: 75 Deadlifts (M 80kg/F 55kg) Stage 4: 50 Bar-Facing Burpees Stage 5: 20 Muscle-ups ATHLETE ORDER Teams can choose the order that they row, but this is the order they must stick to for the remainder of the WOD. When it is an athlete’s turn at a station, they must perform a minimum of one valid rep attempt (though it may be a fail) before next athlete can have their turn. There is no maximum number of reps any one athlete can complete at a station, but as soon as they no-rep, the next athlete in the sequence must attempt a valid rep. SCORE The time of completion of the final muscle-up is recorded.

HPT Wild West 2014

HPT Wild West 2014

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