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Social Media for Personal Trainers
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With social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook dominating the market place, it’s hard to see as a personal trainer how you can’t afford to embrace them. It has never been so important to get your presence out there. Clients and potential clients are able to see first hand  your work , progress of clients and the standards you abide by. Being a personal trainer is about providing expertise and support through a clients journey. The more support you can give the better.

Your accounts should be connected and co ordinated. This allows you to put across a consistent message and gives the client or future clients peace of mind that your organised. There are a lot of pit falls however. Be tactical and have a plan. If you just post everything and anything that comes to mind, then your message could be lost and muddled. Make sure you plan ahead. Video clips are also great, they don’t have to be finely polished. The public now days respond to seeing ‘real life’.

So here are some helpful hints:

1. Be Connected:  Ensure your social media accounts are connected. Giving a consistent and well structured approach. Make sure you have icons on your website too.

2. Regular UpdatesVital for any personal trainer in today’s demanding market. Have you ever looked at a website with some out of date information? How did you feel about that business? From your website to your social media accounts it is essential that they stay up to date and current. Breeding customer/client confidence. Try to create a weekly time to update your accounts. 

3Less is more (sometimes.): Look to concentrate on 4 or 5 differing social media sites rather than every possible one available. This will be easier to maintain and update. The quality of posts will also be better. This is also true with your posts, don’t saturate your accounts with photos, stories ever hour or several hours. Look at quality posts. 

4. Be approachable, but professional:  The main aim is to connect with people. Use some of your personality, however its not the place to express views if they might not be universal, so to speak. Clients want their personal trainer to be approachable but not scary.


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