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Learn how a personal training course helped Sarah grow her business.

In 2017, Sarah personal training story began. Sarah decided to turn her passion into her career and hasn’t looked back since. In Sarah’s own words, read her personal training success story and how Body Aid Solutions have aided her along the way.

Why did I become a personal trainer?

In 2017, my son was diagnosed with ASD. At the time, my sales job meant an unforgiving amount of meetings, appointments and constant calls from the school. So I gave my job up to fully navigate the world of additional needs and make sure I could offer him the care and support needed.

During this time, exercise was my outlet. It gave me space to escape and left me feeling good physically and mentally. I had carried on with my run coaching, and coming from a family of sports coaches, I quickly realised that this was my opportunity to combine my passion for exercise and my love for helping others. Therefore, with a friendly nudge from my then Personal Trainer and an offer to go into business with her, I signed up for my Personal Training diploma with Body Aid.

Ultimately, I saw becoming a Personal Trainer as a perfect opportunity to do what I loved and build a business around my children’s needs. Although it has been hard work and far from easy, I haven’t looked back.

How did I become a PT with Body Aid?

Easy! I signed up for the complete Personal Training diploma. From the day I submitted my 1st enquiry form online to now, three years later (currently working towards my 10th qualification with them, Level 5 Sports Massage), they have been fantastic!

However, when I received all the literature, I was terrified! It was a good 20 years since I had done any actual studying. Immediately I was thinking, “I have done the wrong thing”. But, the guys soon made me feel at ease and confident. The study guides are in-depth, but they also give you a breakdown of all work you need to do before your practical days.

Additionally, you have your own tutor who always answers questions, and I had a lot! The practical face to face days were brilliant. The tutors have such a wealth of knowledge of the subjects they are teaching but also the business side of things. They’ve been there and done it!

Now, I’ve been working as a PT for the past three years, and I cannot tell you how helpful this additional knowledge has been. I had been concerned that not working in a commercial gym setting may hold me back, but I didn’t need to worry. The tutors helped me adjust my learning and case studies to support my style of working.

How have I grown my PT business?

From day 1, I’ve always known I wanted my business to be based around helping others feel better in themselves. Rather than focusing on the aesthetic side of fitness, I also wanted to make exercise accessible to those with long-term health conditions, injuries, or disabilities.

Therefore, to achieve this, I signed up for the Exercise Referral and Level 4 Personal Training course and worked hard to grow my client base that fits this demographic. Truthfully, it hasn’t been easy and has possibly taken longer than if I’d been working in a gym with the general population. Still, I can honestly say it has been worth the wait and an incredibly rewarding journey.

In October 2020, in the middle of a pandemic and fresh out of lockdown, I took a massive leap of faith. I took on a lease to a small rundown building which I’ve been able to, with a lot of help from my partner and stepson, convert into a fantastic dual space where I now offer personal training and sports massage therapy. Taking on the lease has been a huge turning point for me. It has enabled me to help even more people and saw me go from 5 hours face to face PT hours to 27 hours in just eight weeks!

Additionally, during the 2nd lockdown in early 2021, I took another leap. This time into online training. This meant I could reach more people and develop an additional income stream that was a lifesaver while I couldn’t work in the studio. As a result, my online courses continue to boost my income, freeing me to spend more time with the family!

What can the Personal Training course help me achieve?

The course can honestly help you achieve whatever you want it to. Personally, this course helped me grow in confidence, learn a whole new trade, build a business that sees me established as the go-to PT locally for those who have long term health conditions or injuries looking to improve/manage their symptoms. To build a business that fits my family and gives me the best work-life balance I’ve ever had, I have more than I could have asked for. Also, I now earn more than I did in my 70 hour week sales job and work 3.5 days per week!

Overall, the satisfaction being a personal trainer gives me goes way beyond that. It is less about what I can accomplish and more about what I can help my clients achieve. Seeing a client’s quality of life improve because of our work is hands down the best achievement you can have.

If you would like to follow in the footsteps of Sarah and become your own boss and determine your house and wage – book onto our Personal Training courses. Turn your passion into a successful career with BodyAid.