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Another fantastic weekend of learning!

So Last weekend (23rd/24th August) we taught week one of the Personal Trainer level 3 course. Our new intake arrived quiet and timid but by the end of the weekend they were all a lot louder!
We kicked off with some ice breakers and found out some interesting facts about our new students. One has a very strange obsession with Alice in Wonderland, whilst another’s chocolate addiction is so severe he actually orders chocolate from abroad to be delivered to his house!

The prospective personal trainers were bombarded with information on their first weekend as they took part in an Anatomy and Physiology workshop covering topics ranging from muscles and their origins and insertions to the nervous system and what makes the body function. They all worked really hard and their revision was put to the test that afternoon.
Some interesting fitness tests were carried out with Chris Allen dominating the press up and sit up challenge for the men and Kelly Bridger putting in a solid effort for the girls and resting heart rates were recorded and compared – with everyone’s competitive nature coming out trying to achieve the lowest results.

Day 2 saw some more revision and workshop sessions, this time focussed around nutrition for health and fitness. Chats and discussions around the area were fantastic and the students had clearly done their research and were full of questions – testing me quite a bit. Again it was a fantastic day and some very good personal trainers in the making.Hats off to them for working so hard on a bank holiday weekend!

Dan and I are looking forward to seeing them for their second weekend of the personal trainer course in September which will be full of practical activities up in the gym

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