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A basic look at the heart!? – Our cardiovascular systems are comprised of our heart, blood vessels and blood. With a varying number of functions and demands.

The main job of this system is however responsible for transporting blood around the body in order for it to oxygenate our organs, tissues and muscles. It is also responsible for transporting waste products, hormones and nutrients. The heart enables the system to do this. The contraction of the hearts ventricles, pumps the blood around the body, supplying the body with vital substances needed for preservation.
FIG 1 – Shows the basic four chambers of the heart, two atria and 2 ventricles. Now Oxygen rich bloods comes into the left side and de oxygenated blood comes into the right side!


Basically the blood flows through the heart to be pumped around the body where it is needed, then returns to be pumped to the lungs to collect more oxygen. In FIG 2 a basic flow diagram displays how it is all done!

Name this rap video can help you learn! Why not have a watch!!

The heart, lets get it down…….

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