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Hey guys, hope you’re all ok.

It’s been a busy few weeks for me with a lot of personal and professionals things going on.

Recently as some of you may know it was the BodyPower Expo, now for those of you that don’t know about BP it’s the UK’S LARGEST fitness and industry expo.

A 3- day event at the NEC in Birmingham showcasing everything industry related, from supplement brands to clothing stalls, seminars to bodybuilding and fitness modelling competitions, it really does have it all and for anyone involved in the industry in some capacity it’s a fantastic experience and I would urge ANYONE to go.

As you walk around there is an obvious buzz around the place, fans and enthusiasts of the industry all there for the same reason, to meet their idols, learn from the best and to grab a bargain.

I have been for 3 years running now and 2 years ago when I 1st went it was the sole reason for me wanting to become a bodybuilder and strive to make a difference within the industry. I went this year with the professional mind-set with the hope of networking and generating as many new leads for my business as possible. With the sheer size of the event it’s easy to just walk around and get lost in the sheer size of it.

The one thing I picked up on as a “customer” to the event was that there were a lot of exhibitors there that did nothing but blend in, swallowed up but the sheer size and atmosphere of the event, that’s ok, BUT it costs a HUGE amount to exhibit and surely you would use the experience to really showcase what your company has to offer, it’s your opportunity to trial new products, new idea’s and HAVE FUN!

I am not knocking anybody or any company for exhibiting but from the consumer point of view if there is nothing setting you apart then there’s nothing to drawer you in. I was once told by a very influential individual that it’s not about finding a “GAP IN THE MARKET” if you want to give your best chance of success it’s abut finding the “MARKET IN THE GAP” and when you think about it, that statement makes a lot of sense. Like I stated earlier there were ALOT of exhibits there that from a consumer point of view just blended in and didn’t do a great deal to STAND OUT!

I am yet to exhibit JGFitness at an expo, it is a long term plan for me but it’s not something I am going to rush because;

1. The cost to exhibit, including stock, staff, accommodation, promotional material and stock to name but a few is enough to financially break a business.
2. I would want to go to an expo knowing that I can do everything I’d want in order to make it successful and right now although we’re working well, we’re not quite there…yet!

If you’re an individual or you run a business- expo or not – you need to make sure you stand out, there are thousands in the industry that all do similar things, why fit in when you were BORN TO STAND OUT?

Until next time guys…



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