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Body Aid Solutions Ltd is proud to announce its affliliation with GoHam clothing. So have a read and why not take a look and see what fantastic products they have to enhanced your gym experience.

We know how important it is to train hard during your workout, which is why at GoHAM clothing we have a range of gym wear and accessories to keep you motivated!

We believe fitness and fashion make perfect partners, therefore our clothing is not just durable and comfortable to wear but also looks good on the body that you’ve worked so hard to perfect!

IMG 20To this end we are pleased to announce our affiliation with Body Aid Solutions. We appreciate how important it is to look professional when you are selling your services in any competitive industry. This is why we have produced arange of fitness wear, to suit all tastes and sizes, which are designed to compliment each other.

We are pleased to offer all Body Aid Solutions customers a 15% Off DiscountCode on our entire range.

Please use Coupon Code: BODYAID at the checkout to redeem your discount! You can follow our journey from #AshesToEmpires at the links below -

Website: www.gohamclothing.com

Twitter: @GoHAM_Clothing

Facebook: / gohamclothing

Instagram: GoHamClothing



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