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Hi guys, Josh here again, over the past few months I have mostly ‘blogged’ about things related to the professional side of the industry and making the most of opportunities and learning from mistakes etc.

Today I’m going to be talking about the precarious world of nutrition and its relation and relevance to you as an individual and the industry you love and work in. For a lot of people nutrition and everything surrounding it is still very much a ‘taboo’ subject where every Tom, Dick or Harry seems to be a ‘nutritionist’ or knows someone that’s done Herbalife (Other fad, short-term, quick fix, expensive pyramid selling schemes are available) and “IT ACTUALLY WORKS”. I’ve got news for you if you think it does, you have been brainwashed by there “Experts” and millions of pounds worth of marketing and brand power, it does not work in regards to promoting a healthy lifestyle with vitality and longevity, but anywho, I’m not here to bash companies, I’ll save that for another blog.

I’ve found that in my 8 years in the industry and at the top of the sporting ladder I have always been fascinated with nutrition and just recently it seems to be the thing on everyone’s mind, trying to find the method that works for them to give them the edge or take themselves to the next level.

I’ll be the first to admit that at the age of 22 I’ve only just found a method that works for me and it’s allowing me to take my performance as a bodybuilder to new heights. After years of making mistakes and looking for a “secret formula” (that doesn’t exist) I’ve finally found my “shoe” and like me you’ll probably find yourself trying every trick in the book to find the right method for you. Whether it’s carb cycling, intermittent fasting or high fats/low carbs, it really isn’t an issue. Nutrition as a subject and all of its information and methodology isn’t exclusive, information can be readily sourced anywhere, the key to finding your groove when it comes to nutrition is consistency, trial and error and TIME, you can’t try something for a week and expect to know whether it works or not.

The same can be said in a professional capacity, when you have a number of different clients, they’re not all going to respond using the same nutritional guideline, you need to understand and get to grips with your clients’ needs and then from there tailor what you perceive to be their nutritional “shoe” and if it doesn’t fit? Easy; go and find a different shoe and keep trying until you find one that’s comfortable and fits them.


Also remember; if you don’t have the professional capacity to aid clients with nutritional information or advice, tell them to seek professional advice from someone more suited to the job!!!!!

It’s only recently that I’ve found what works for me as every time I prep for a bodybuilding show, I make sure I try different methods and then by process of elimination and how I look aesthetically I find what I perceive to be the best method for me. Of course you change and experiment but once you find your “shoe” be sure to wear it and once the results start to slow and you start to plateau be sure to find another shoe

Guys please remember that there isn’t a quick fix, finding your “shoe” may take years but once it fits make sure you wear it and watch yourself flourish towards your desired goal!


Until next time…

Thanks for reading!

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