How to do a lunge

This short instructional video shows you how to correctly do a lunge. Jane Cole, a BodyAid Tutor, demonstrates 3 lunge variations; the standard lunge, the reverse lunge, and the side lunge.

For both a standard and reverse lunge, it’s important to start with feet hip width apart and your abs braced. If you’re going to a standard lunge, you take one big step in front and bend down, keeping control and making sure your knee isn’t over your toe, before pushing up. You then swap legs and repeat. A reverse lunge is much the same, except you step backwards.

A side lunge involves taking a big step to the side and bending the outside knee. Again, it’s important to keep control and make sure you’re pushing your weight to your bent knee.

So there you have it – 3 lunge variations perfectly demonstrated.