Fitness Trends of 2018

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From quick work outs to wearable technology, here is what to expect for the rest of 2018!

In a forever changing industry, fitness trends come and go. But 2018 seems to be the year we are re-visiting some of the pasts big hitters!

Recovery – Over the last 5 years, workouts and trends like Cross-fit and HIIT have hit the UK hard! Quite literally. In 2018 however programs are looking smarter with emphasis on some recovery time built in. With an emphasis on overall health.

Yoga – Agreed not a new concept, but from premiership footballers to the pub landlord, the popularity of yoga is on a sharp upward climb. Yoga makes individuals feel better physically and mentally, a perfect helping hand in stress riddled life’s that we lead!There is also lots of variety of specifically designed gym wear for yoga.

Races are big for 2018.

Races are big for 2018.

Races! – Nothing new here, but again the variety and choice has risen steadily. There are lots from the more experienced to the absolute novice. One for example that states “The best thing you’ll do in 2018”. Inspired by TV game shows such as Total Wipe-out, Ninja warrior and the original Gladiators. With a big empashis on fun. Events take place through-out the country with differing distances. including Manchester, Edinburgh and Bristol. 

Fitness trends 2018

Fitness trends 2018

Group Exercising – Nothing new here, but a way of exercising that’s making a bigger come back than any early 90s pop band. Group exercise is a perfect way to exercise and socialise at once! It’s also a perfect way to start. There is also a lot more variety involved these days. Gone are the legs, bums and tums classes (still there but not dominating the market) and in come HIIT, yoga, spinning and Pilates to name a few.

Technology – It never stops! But this year like no other year before it within the fitness industry. Smart watches, new generations from Apple for example are plentiful, Fitbits, tracking devices and new improved clothing. All built to help you achieve goals and in truth stay on track. Everyone likes to see progress and effort rewarded!

Qualified and Experienced Personal Trainers!  - not just personal trainers but all exercise professionals. The demand for qualified and experienced trainers is higher than ever. With lots of varieties of classes and forms of training for individuals, expertise is in demand. Music to a hardworking fitness professional’s ears! So staying on top of your game is important!

Fitness is Functional! – The growth particular within this area is high. We are getting more practical about our fitness Demanding more than working in straight lines. Compound exercises are also very popular within this type of training such as the squat and deadlift, exercises that look at a whole body approach. Equipment such as Kettlebell’s and the crossfire movement are huge within this area already. We have popped a little instruction video below, to demonstrate the compound exercises that are growing in popularity.




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