Is fat the truth?

Is Fat the Truth
Shane Welland
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Nowadays, the fat or fats that are found in our food and drink are thought to be the root of all weight and health problems. Saturated fat is (we are told) the root of all evil, considered the worst of the worst of offenders against the daily battle of weight and healthy lifestyles.

Everything we are taught and pumped with throughout the media says ‘healthy eating’ is low fat in nature, with little or no saturated fats. But why? Percentage wise against the population, do we have obesity, heart related diseases and cancer at there highest? If we all doing these so called healthy eating plans or at the least have this level of awareness??

If you think about it, saturated fat is actually natural, from diary, meats and oils. So would mother nature give us such a cruel hand? Or is it all the man made trans fats lurking in that bag of crisps that cause us as a population the problem??

In truth fats are natural and essential part of our diets. Aiding daily tasks such as brain function! (Although it doesn’t feel like it at 08.00am on a Monday morning!!).

Now Japan is a very interesting country in terms of fat. From figures at in 2012 only 2.3% of men and 3.4% of women were obese, where as in comparison the UK has 25.1% MEN and 24.4% WOMEN as obese percentage wise against the population. Yet they are one of the biggest consumers of high cholesterol l foods within there diet, but they lead the world in life expectancy. All of this is also despite having very high amounts of the population smoking compared to the west.

Again another example of figures not quite adding up is that as a population we eat less saturated fat in comparison to our families around 40 years ago. Yet obesity, cancer and heart attacks have never been higher!

Are we for fat or against fat?

There are a truck load of studies and theories supporting fat is the bad boy of the nutritional world. In fact if you Google it right now you will see hundreds of pages dedicated to some sort of study or theory.

If we look at the most natural source we all at some stage have had, Breast milk. Now breast milk is a whopping 50% saturated fat, well almost.

So on that stat alone, should we ban breast milk? Has Mother Nature got it wrong? In truth as a natural form, the nutrients AND saturated fat in breat milk help your babies development, just reading about the health benefits is astounding. , have a read for yourself!

In truth Fats only cause real problems within our bodies when fats such as Trans fat are consumed. As stated in “Trans fats .which have been industrially produced have been found to raise levels of LDL cholesterol, which has been linked to the development of fatty material that clogs up our arteries, called atheroma.”

Trans fats are basically saturated fats which have been re engineered, or let’s say re heated. Thus changing the chemical structure this isn’t easily dealt with within our bodies and as not something we have been engineered to process, causes big trouble. This is the real reason why fats can be dangerous.

In conclusion its advised that you look to consume only natural forms of saturated fat such as palm oil, milk, free range meat, fish or coconut oil and only stable unsaturated fats such as olive oil. You should avoid all vegetable oils re heated fats such as margarine! (Very similar to plastic, buts that another story!) and vegetable oils.

What next?

So using this information take alook at your diet. You might be able to make some small changes that will have massive health benefits for you and your family!

If you are looking for a career in the health and fitness industry and maybe want to look at nutrition based courses, then please don’t hesitate to look at courses such as the personal trainer course.

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