Empty Can Test

Tutor carrying out empty can test on student.
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The Empty Can test is a special type of testing, commonly used by sports therapists. The purpose of the test is to ascertain if the client has suffered a supraspinatus impingement or simple to test the integrity of the supraspinatus muscle and tendon.

The structures involved within the test are both the muscle and tendon of the supraspinatus.


Within the Level 4 sports massage therapy course you will be expected to understand the purpose of the test, its process and procedure as well as carry out one on a client. Here Sam conducts a test upon a client. Going through step by step how to conduct the test and the correct procedures to follow.

Now a positive test can be if there is significant pain or weakness felt or reported by the client. The test is very successfully to detect a tear in the muscle or tendon if indicated by very significant weakness.

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Tutor Sam performing the empty car test

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