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Kettlebell Instructor Level 2
Dan Gilbert
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The weekend of December 6th and 7th should be fantastic! We are running Kettlebells Instructor on the Sunday and Indoor Cycling on the Saturday. A CPD weekend and what makes matters even better we have it on offer for just £140 for both the qualifications!

Kettlebells is such a fantastic way to vary up your personal training sessions with clients. They are portable and come in lots of different sizes. The variation in exercises is also first rate. So they are extremely adaptable.

You can also use them in big classes, so you can really improve your earning potential. Did you know that according to (ACE) American Council of Exercise, it has been found that you can burn 400 calories in 20 minutes using a Kettlebell. Thats the equivalent of running a six-minute mile, now thats something I’d struggle to do! It’s probably down to the fact that they combine resistance with cardio, hitting your body in multiple ways!

Another one of the courses we have on this December weekend is the indoor cycling Instructors course. Pretending we are Chris Hoy, we will be practicing a number of different moves and each others planned class. Something tells me its going to be a hard days graft! As well as doing a small amount of theory, the day is mostly all practical.

The qualification again is excellent to improve earning potential. Being able to run and plan classes in leisure centres and gyms. This in itself will open up another avenue for our careers and at the same time a wider client base.

So I have already got 2 dozen water bottles ready for the December weekend, but we can always fit one or to more in. So why not contact us and get these two accredited courses for the offer price of £140 and add these to your fitness portfolio!

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