Body Aid Solutions have developed the Level 4 Strength and Conditioning qualification to enable Personal Trainers working from commercial gyms and functional fitness facilities to offer this style of training to their current and prospective clients. The demand for Strength and Conditioning type exercise has risen in the modern day fitness industry and it is now common to find a range of Strength & Conditioning equipment in types of gyms from commercial to functional fitness or cross-fit gyms.

Strength and conditioning style training can be used on multiple fronts. Traditionally this style is used to increase athletic performance through Speed agility quickness, Plyometrics and advanced cardiovascular and strength training methods. We have developed this course to bridge the gap between athlete performance and your everyday personal training client enabling personal trainers to offer this in whatever setting or facility they are working in and be able to tailor it for all levels of ability.

The theory workshops delivered on course will give learners the opportunity to develop the ability to carry out performance related needs analysis, measurements and assessments of their client’s current ability and set short medium and long terms performance related goals.

Practical delivery will cover Olympic Lifting snatch, clean and jerk along with accessory lifts and programming for this style of training. Other practical elements that will be covered are Plyometrics and speed agility and quickness and how this applies to the masses and not simply the elite athletes.


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  • Level 4 in Strength and Conditioning
  • Unit 1: Performance Analysis - Needs analysis, client screening, biomechanics, movement skills, motor control.
  • Unit 2: Planning, Delivering and evaluating of Strength and Conditioning Programmes - Covering Periodisation, coaching technique, delivering Olympic lifting exercises and lifts, effective warm up's & cool down procedures, ability to evaluating client programmes & make specific adaptations.
  • Case Study
  • Portfolio of Evidence
  • Practical Assessment
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer Qualification

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