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In part 2 of the becoming a personal trainer series we look at how to choose the right media for your business. From Facebook,  to leaflets, what is your best avenue to promote your services and business? In truth it is a minefield,weighing up cost vs return. So we are going to look at possible areas and strategies to help guide towards success.

1. Specific region or location – Look at the areas you want to target and work in. Too many personal trainers look to send out blanket leaflets around vast areas. Basically spreading themselves to thin, with large distances to travel in-between clients and as a result reducing profit.  So select an area or region that you want to work in and use your advertising budget within it.

2. Plan what you want to say! - It seems like bad advice, but if you build your business on solid foundations it will last! As with most things new, as a new qualified personal trainer you will look to start off with a bang. Basically write down the message you want to get across. Write down a strategy. DO your research in regards to types of advertising or your advertising could be too ‘busy’ in its message and gets lost! Plan and build a structure, so you deliver a clear well presented message. Do the basics well and the rest will follow!

3. Specialise – As point 2 suggests offer a basic service then maybe one specialism. This will allow you to stand out as an individual. Rather than fall into the‘Personal trainer trap’ of advertising just about every service know to man. That only confuses people. Keep it simple!

4. Invest –  In good quality images. A picture really does paint a thousand words! A picture that’s blurred does not give that quality “feel” to your potential customers.

5. Social Media  - for BUSINESS ONLY. Create a page or a business account and make sure you put relevant content on it. There is nothing worse than using it as a personal one too.  Also look to place success stories on there and keep them unto date with specific articles, relevant to you and your services.

6. Placement – Research areas or locations where your advertising will be best suited. For example maybe contact a few local businesses, (Big office based), and offer 10% discounts on first sessions if you can place some of your leaflets there. Look to places that have a lot of free flowing members of the general public. There is nothing wrong with advertising in a gym, however your market will be limited.

7. Free Advertisement - It sounds silly, but nowadays many companies will sell advertising on all type of sites. However locally some of the best are free business indexes. As they can be very limited to specific regions and locations. Giving you a good presence. For example if you type into a search engine ‘Personal trainers in Peterborough’ or where ever you live, first page will show some indexes. This puts you in the running straight away. Also gives you a visible presence, which is vital for building customer confidence.

8. Website – No you can pay a kings ransom for a website or get a self build free one. The only big piece is to ensure its simple to use. Has good quality content and images. Also make sure its linked to your social media. As it will ensure a good synergy as a company/brand.


A lot of thee points have been discovered through experience. In truth some due to lessons learnt. Especially when advertising on the web and the use of leaflets. One of the bet pieces of advice we can give is to plan and research before you make any decisions. The temptation to hit the ground running so to speak once qualified is very strong. However Personal Trainers that last build a brand and plan a strategy.

As part of our Gym Instructor or Personal Trainer courses we include business advice and packs. Hopefully helping our students stand out from the crowd.

Next month we have a business ideas blog. Putting down some ideas that you could look to use and utilise in your plans.

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