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Josh Goodfellow - York Open
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Morning guys, Josh Goodfellow here again. I trust that you’re all suitably rested from my last blog and ready for another.

Today I’m going to talk about the importance of building rapport whilst making memories within your personal and professional life. As mentioned in my 1st blog I was a few weeks away from competing in my 2nd Bodybuilding Competition. Well on the 1st November I took the long trip up north to York and competed at the IBFA York Open, despite my disability it was in-fact an “abled-bodied” show.

I competed in the Junior U23 Class and The Novice Class, I turned up in the shape of my life and it showed, I placed 4th in the Junior Class, despite initial disappointment of missing out on a British Finals spot by a single placing, I turned up, looked my best and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, I can’t ask for much more than that.
A day later still sporting a horrendous fake tan and an exuberant amount of pride, I went on the long trip down to Margate, no, it wasn’t a jolly boys outing. My brand JGFitness was the sponsor of a disABILITY bodybuilding class at the Pure Elite Fitness & Bodybuilding show, it was only the 2nd time a disABILITY Class had ever been ran in the UK so it was a massive honour to have been involved with it and because of its success the disABILITY Class is going to be a continued part of the showcard at future shows, a massive step in the right direction for the development of disABILITY Bodybuilding.

Although it was a 700 mile round trip in 48 hours it was worth it, not only to fulfil my personals endeavours but my business endeavours also. You’re probably thinking “Why on earth is he babbling on about this for?” well I’m going to tell you. In order to be successful you must build rapport personally and professionally. That weekend although exhausting it was a sacrifice I was willing to make in order to forge relationships, build rapport and make life-long memories.
On the Saturday I got up on-stage and had a great time, managed to tell a lot of people about my journey to

Josh Goodfellow with fellow competitors.

Josh Goodfellow with fellow competitors.

the stage and hopefully empowered and inspired a few in the process. On the Sunday I was part of a very unique and embryonic moment. JGFitness sponsored only the 2nd ever disABILITY Bodybuilding class in the UK. Getting up on-stage and presenting the trophies/prizes and having my photo taken with the winners is a moment that I will treasure for life, because of the events over the weekend in question there are now even more doors opening for the development of disABILITY Bodybuilding, more competitive opportunities for athletes, more competitors and more importantly greater awareness for the sport, already in 2015 there are 4-5 confirmed disABILITY bodybuilding classes with the hope of more still to be confirmed.

I am proud to say that JGFitness played a part in such a fantastic weekend and hopefully in the future I will look back and see it as a monumental weekend in the future of disABILITY Bodybuilding.

If you are sat here reading this as someone wanting a taste of success in whatever your chosen field is then my advice to you is….

Be sure to build rapport with people, forge relationships with like-minded individuals, get in people’s face, show passion and perseverance for whatever it is you want to excel in, you never know who you may engage, empower and inspire.

Whilst doing the aforementioned don’t forget to make memories, business and life in general is hard enough without having fun in the process, make memories!! Whilst building a business or excelling in your choice of career, don’t get so caught up in chasing success that you forget to make memories, for me personally, every time I want a moment “soon to be memory” in my life capturing I whip out my Smartphone and get a photo, you never know when you’ll need another #ThrowbackThursday photo to look back on and if all else fails just ask yourself what life would be like without memories? …………………………………………….. My thoughts exactly!!

Last but not least be prepared to sacrifice, after my show I exhausted and all I wanted to do was lay on the sofa and eat my bodyweight in Cheesecake watching re-runs of Friends, but no, despite getting in at 11pm on the Saturday night I was up again at 4am on the Sunday to go down to Margate, yes I wanted to stay in bed, but what’s a few late nights, tiredness and a bit of driving for the chance to be a part of a historic moment, in reality and in the grand scheme of things it’s very little.
“When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe then you will be successful” 
YOU MUST be prepared to make sacrifices if you want to succeed, whether that means, late night/early mornings, no partying or being a recluse until the jobs done then so be it.

That’s the price of success folks, the question now is, Can you afford it??
Until Next time folks, thanks for reading!
Josh Good fellow

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