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Blog posts of '2021' 'March'

The digestion process
The digestion process

What happens when we eat?

It’s a process called Digestion, basically it is the bodies process of in-taking and breaking down of all the food and drink we consume on a daily basis, although digestion may take longer than we take to eat/drink it! Abs...

The Importance of GP Referrals
The Importance of GP Referrals

The GP referrals course is the perfect qualification to help transform your business. With lots of benefits for you and your client base. Giving you insights into special populations and the confidence to work with them. With the UK population changi...

Top Fitness Trends of 2018

From quick work outs to wearable technology, here is what to expect for the rest of 2018!

In a for ever changing industry, fitness trends come and go. But 2018 seems to be the year we are re-visiting some of the pasts big hitters!

Recovery - Over t...

Understand the structure and function of the circulatory system

The heart is a muscular pump, roughly the size of a man’s clenched fist, which pushes blood into the tissues. Located behind and to the left of the sternum, it has 4 chambers: 2 atria and 2 ventricles and is predominantly made of cardiac muscle (myoc...

The Benefits of Sports massage therapy
The Benefits of Sports massage therapy

Recovery is one of the biggest part of a sports person training schedule. Players/Athletes will use a range of things and methods. Ranging from foam rollers and ice packs to acupuncture to ice baths, all can help recovery. Increasing popular within t...