How I became a Personal Trainer

Katie little of Littles Freedom Fit in Bedford
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When I was young I was always very active! County Squash Champion, county Swimmer , cross country, sprinting, hockey, rounders, netball, you name it, I did it.

I hit my teenage years and sport was taken over by “teenage things”. And so I then went on to have 3 children.

After my last maternity leave I started working for my parent’s sales and marketing company as office manager. We took on a Nutritional Supplement company as a client and I suggested it may be a good idea to do a Nutrition course (they were a huge national company). So off I went and did a certificate in sports nutrition and my love for it all came flooding back!

So that was it! So I went and did some work at  The Body Power Show in 2012, and my mind was made up. Fitness was the way forward for a new and editing career. So I began the task of  looking for Fitness courses and Body Aid Solutions caught my eye.

I quickly signed up for their Fitness Instructor level 2 and Personal Trainer all rolled into one because the price was so competitive. This was all done last year, 2013 within 8 months!The support I got from the company and the trainers was just what I needed for someone returning to learning, and believe me I was a pain in the rear at times, constantly checking I was doing my online work correctly!!

In between my level 2 and 3 I did my Kettlebell level 2 qualification as my sister had told me she was going to classes where she lived and the results were quick and the classes were really enjoyable. There was nothing near where I lived so I thought, why not?! Despite written exam nerves I passed everything first time and in September 2013 I started my business and also did my first kettlebell class!

I now hold 8 classes per week, have personally trained and am still personally training over 10 people (with a waiting list of 3 at the moment) I give nutritional advice and have recently qualified as a Cancerplus Trainer and tutor! I also run a local run club for beginners.   I get massive results from my Personal clients because of the way I was taught to work with people.

I plan all my own sessions and I have massive class attendance. None of this would have been possible without Body Aids support and patience.

I am just reaching my first year of running my own business and am now looking at premises to hire to open up my own Fitness Studio! Watch this space…………….

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