5 Fitness Challenges to Take on in 2015

Shane Welland
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Looking for another challenge in 2015? We have listed some of the most taxing, ambitious, popular, and individually unique fitness challenges running in the UK this year that are perfect for pushing yourself or punishing yourself depending the way you look at it! Something to suit everyone with a mixture of running, swimming, cycling and obstacle courses, you can pick and choose depending on what type of course you want to measure yourself against. Whether it’s a reason to start getting fit and healthy or a new goal, any of these events will push you to the brink of your limits by giving you one of the best feelings and the most rewarding result crossing that finish line!

1. Spartan Race S

Image source: Wikimedia

What is the Spartan Race , well it allows for three different levels of difficulty, starting at 3 miles and ending at 12, so depending on how much you want to push yourself, you can choose how hard to push yourself. The spartan race includes multiple obstacles that get more challenging (rewarding) and more frequent the longer you run. With six races ran in the UK. Be one of the winning few, you will be invited to battle it out at the championship in Vermont! 

2. The Great Swim


Image source: Geograph.org.uk

The Great Swim is exactly how its titled! Held in five different locations across the UK including Cumbria, Suffolk, Manchester, Scotland and London. With every swim consisting of numerous distances, you can choose to swim half a mile, one mile or 5k, depending on your ability and confidence. With over 10,000 participants in each location, you can join the masses in experiencing open water swimming in a location near you! 

3. World Tri London


Image source: Londonandpartners.com

This challenge consists of the following a 400m swim, 15km bike ride and 2.5km run all in the beating heart of the city of London. With each year the city sees hundreds of triathlon first timers and so if this is something you’ve never encountered before, don’t let it put you off! Get involved! 

4. Tough Mudder


Images source: Wikipedia

Tough Mudder is nationally renowned for its challenging obstacles and the clue is in the title, mucky race track, ensuring that every participant is covered from head to toe in thick mud and pain! If you want to challenge yourself and also your washing machine, this is the event for you. The course routes do get harder and harder as the years go on but this will be without doubt definitely be one of the most impressive achievements to be ticked off your bucket list.  

5. Wolf Run


Run as one of the pack or as a lone wolf with only yourself to motivate you, a challenging off-road course that involves three types of off-road running: mud runs, trail runs and obstacle runs. It is the only wild run in the UK, you will be sprinting as fast as you can across natural landscapes including lakes (not sprinting across a lake though, they’ll be in the background). The beauty of the Wolf Run is that you will encounter mother natures obstacles, that are carved out by the elements as well as man-made ones – so who knows what you will encounter!

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